Warranty Returns

Remember, This is Warranty Returns (RMAs), NOT ''I changed my mind about the Purchase'' type Returns, for those see Return Policy.

Warranty Returns mean you've had CTN look at an item you purchased from CTN and CTN agrees that something is deffective. In other words, something you purchased from CTN isn't working and CTN agrees to replace it or refund you!

First Obtain an RMA number from CTN. Furnish the date and the number of the invoice, description of all items returned, any model numbers and serial numbers of returned items and reason for requesting the RMA.

Secondly, bring or ship the returning deffective items to CTN pre-paid and insured for the full purchase price and using only the original boxes and packing materials. All accessories, software, cables, manuals and other materials supplied with the purchased item must be returned. It is the Customer's responsibility and risk to ensure all returned items are received by CTN, are accounted for and undamaged.

Any items returned as Warranty Returns (RMA) that are not defective will subject the Customer to applicable charges.