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Drones & FCs

Consumers and Business will be "transitioning" to personal aerial travel over the next decade.
What has started with Drones will now graduate to FCs (Flying Cars - Yes, dare I say it)!

Over the past 10 years, I've learned much about the physics of Drone flight, acquired several Drones and flown them.
I've studied everything from Jordi Munez to DJI (and others)
I've obtained a FAA "333" exemption for a Civil Engineering firm and "drone filmed" many of their locations/projects.

I'm enrolled in the world's first FC degree program (Udacity's Flying Car Nanodegree) run by Sebastian Thrun (Google and Kitty Hawk).

I'll be putting my "Vision" for FC designs and FC infrastructure online.

Safety is paramount:

So, for example - we'll need a way to gracefully fall/float to the ground when something goes wrong "up there":